Visit Kent State

明升体育-足球比分网Our student experience at Kent State is distinctively unique and compellingly powerful. From the first moment that students arrive on campus, they feel the welcoming and energized environment that confirms they’ve made the right choice and they belong here.

  • Explore Campus

    Explore Campus

    Our more than 251,000 alumni will tell you that Kent State is not too big, not too small. It’s the right size to fit everyone.

  • Rising College Town of Kent: Discover Kent State

    Rising College Town of Kent: Discover Kent State

    From restaurants to live music to museums and more, downtown Kent is a huge part of the university experience.

  • Beyond Kent: Discover Kent State

    Beyond Kent: Discover Kent State

    Our reach doesn't stop at our Ohio campuses. We have centers, institutes and more in global cities. Northeast Ohio is home to a concentration of world-class attractions and activities that few other areas in the country can offer. 

  • Visitor Information

    Visitor Information

    明升体育-足球比分网Kent State University is ideally situated in Northeast Ohio. Located just six miles off I-76, our campus is easy to find and accessible from neighboring Akron/Canton and Cleveland airports. Kent State's 950 acre campus can also be reached by car, shuttle and public transportation.



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