Fitness & Wellness

The Department of Recreational Services is proud to offer a variety of inclusive, vibrant fitness and wellness programs for all fitness levels and abilities. In addition to open recreation, our fitness offerings include personal training, fitness consultations and nutrition counseling. Customized programming such as presentations and custom group exercise classes are also available. 

Wellness offerings include Group X exercise classes, instructional programs, reformer pilates, fitness certifications and more. Group X class passes are sold as a single pass, a 10-punch pass or an unlimited semester pass in the Pro Shop of the SRWC. Community and affiliate annual auto-debit members receive FREE Group X classes with their memberships!

明升体育-足球比分网 Not sure where to start? We're here to help. Contact Ben Cope, Fitness Coordinator, or Beth Michel, Group X and Instructional Classes Coordinator, for more information.

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