The Center for Corporate and Professional Development

Make talent development a driver of your organizational success! The Center for Corporate and Professional Development at Kent State University partners with area employers to meet your talent development needs with customized on-site employee training and public professional development programs and certifications. Develop your employees’ competencies in supervision, management and leadership, project management, continuous improvement and all the softer skills such as dealing with conflict and change, team building, interpersonal communication skills, business writing and making presentations, among many others.

Invest in Your Employees Through Kent State's Training

We believe it is your organization’s people who generate your competitive edge. The investment in your employees’ learning and development is essential in supporting your growth and success. When you partner with The Center for Corporate and Professional Development on talent development programs and services, you will receive a strategic solution, competitive pricing and quick response times. Our Center's professionals work with you and your team to understand your strategic objectives and develop a relevant, practical solution.

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